Don't let a rainy day worry you - unless there's a flood and you actually can't get to the venue!

This summer has been the wettest I've seen it in a long time! Brides and grooms have been worrying about the weather and wandering if it's going to dampen their much anticipated special day. With all the lockdowns and canceled weddings, bad weather could just be the last straw for some! But I want to show you that a rainy day doesn't have to dampen your day, with a strategic plan in place, it doesn't have to ruin everything you've worked so for!

Have a plan B

First of all, if you're having an outdoor wedding, contact your wedding venue coordinator and see if they have a plan B for rainy days in their contract. They should provide an indoor room, an outdoor covered area or a last-minute tent set up. However, if you do not have a plan B right from the start - don't stress there are some things you can do to prepare at the last minute.

Bring umbrellas

Clear umbrellas are best for wedding photos and you can provide them for your guests and bridal party or just for you and the bridal party. You don't have to spend lots of money on them either. I have seen advertisements for second hand ones that have never been used on wedding facebook groups and marketplace. So don't forget to check facebook first.


Why not go out in style with some cool gumboots for bride and groom and bridal party. You could all have matching colours are why not alternate colours.

Ideas to keep your dress dry

  • Hire a petticoat, to lift the dress up off the ground (works with some styles of dresses - obviously not all)
  • spray the bottom of your dress with scotchguard
  • ask your bridesmaids to hold your dress up while going to different photo opps.
  • Or opt for a short wedding dress instead!

Blankets/ towels

Why not supply some cozy blankets and towels to keep warm and cozy if during winter time and towels if guests might need to dry themselves. There are options on that are inexpensive.

Intimate Rainy Day Wedding Photos are the best!

With a rainy day you can really get some epic photos! They provide uniquely intimate memories that you will love forever!

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