Meet the Team

My name is unfortunately not IRIS!! Lol!!

I named my biz after the flower from a number of dreams and signs that I had from God and the word FAITH comes from my faith in God!

IRIS FAITH Photography was a creative decision that was slowly developed and realised along my journey of faith and trust in the Lord.

To be honest, I never thought I would ever be a photographer! I had a passion for architecture, horse riding and swimming when I was a kid - using a camera was something only my father loved to do. He was always with a camera taking photos of me as a child!  

My other passion was art, drawing and painting! I had a real creative streak to myself that even amazed me at times. Photography always scared me. Cameras was a scary thing that was technically too difficult for me to comprehend. 

Over the years, I felt my heart draw me towards the creative, which I knew God was calling me into. Little did I know, what He had in store for me in the future.

I began to explore different mediums, I started to experiment taking snaps with my phone of scenery, flowers, trees, cityscapes etc and placing scripture verses or quotes on the photos to encourage people. I even started an etsy shop selling my prints. I bought my first "proper" camera - an old DSLR Canon 50D with no idea how to use it properly. Yes, never used it out of auto mode until one day I met this awesome girl who was a professional photographer who shared with me the basics of using manual mode in a way that I could really understand. It was so easy!

From there, I researched more about manual settings and it all just fell together so nicely and since then have never looked back, I've been photographing people and weddings for nearly 3 years now and I just love it!

i love coffee, dark chocolate, cheesecake, bushwalking, movies, lying on the couch watching Bull, Blue Heelers or some other Crime show...

spending time with my family, my husband and my border collie jessie!