Iris Faith Photography specialises in-home lifestyle newborn sessions to capture the joy of your family member!

If you have booked or thinking of booking a newborn session with me - thank you for entrusting me to photograph your newborn.



It's preferable that you take your newborn photos between 5-18 days. This is during the period of time when babies are sleeping a majority of the day making it easier to get them into poses. However, I understand life happens and that this can be difficult to organise so anytime between 2-4 weeks old is ok.

what time of the day is best for a newborn session?

The morning is the best time as newborn's are the sleepiest during this period. I usually ask to start around 9am or 10am.

how long does a newborn session go for?

I allow for up to 2 hours. This gives time for feeding, breaks and nappy changes or just some rest. Sometimes we finish a little earlier or little over. Please try and not schedule anything directly after our session.

what to wear for a newborn session?

Most newborn photos are done in their birthday suit, a swaddle or nappy cover. Clothes can be bulky and can just cover up that newness.

how do i prepare my baby for a newborn session?

If possible, try to keep the baby awake and stimulated an hour before the session - it's important that they baby is tired when the session starts so that they are happy campers. When I arrive, this is a good time to feed and do a nappy change. Please have outfits for newborn and other family members ready to change into.

how to prepare my house for a newborn session?

Often we move around to a few rooms in your home. Parent's room, nursery, living room, etc. Put away clutter so that we have space for the photography and avoid messy backgrounds. Opening all the blinds and curtains in your home before the session will make your photos bright and beautiful. I usually use Mum and Dad's bed for newborn solo photos and lifestyle photos, so having white, cream or light coloured bedding is preferable. Mirrors and windows can also create a great affect in photos - so give them a quick wipe down too.

If you have any questions about well-lit areas in your home or feel you don't have any, please text me some pictures prior to your session. I may just need to bring my mobile lighting and studio with me.

how can my family prepare for a newborn session?

Mum, Dad and siblings are an important part of newborn lifestyle photography. So prepping the family is important. Here are a few things to keep in mind before the session.

Keep your hands moisturised and nails trim and tidy are key as hands are shown a lot in newborn photos. Please remove watches, funky bracelets if possible - simplicity is beautiful.


  • Mum – Natural colours (nude, white, camel, grey, light pink, ect) something as simple as a white t-shirt + camisole – jeans or skirt to match. Or white/cream flowy dress. Avoid prints.
  • Dad – Natural complimenting colours to Mum. Nice t-shirt (nude, white, dark grey) paired with jeans, tan shorts, or khakis. Avoid prints or logos. 
  • Siblings – Natural colours – t shirt and pants or dress in neutral colours. Avoid prints or logos. 
  • Prepare 1 or 2 extra sets of clothing for everyone in case of spit-ups or leaks.


While I have a general plan for newborn sessions, each session is unique as each baby is unique and has their own personality, temperate and needs. I go with the flow and remain flexible.


When I arrive, I will walk through your home to find the best area to photograph in. Usually I will be looking for the largest amount of space and the area with most amount of natural light.

During winter, its best to try and keep the temperature nice and warm as will be changing in and out of outfits so as to keep the baby comfortable.


Try to keep the baby awake and stimulated an hour before the session - it's important that they baby is tired when the session starts so that they are happy campers. When I arrive, this is a good time to feed and do a nappy change.

I like to work as a team with the parents to allow for breaks for feeding, nappy changes whenever needed to keep baby happy and comfortable.


You are welcome to provide your own props, beanies, blankets, etc to have your newborn photographed in.

However, you are not required to provide props. I will be bringing my newborn session kit which has the following items.

Nappy cover, blankets, wraps, basket props, headbands,

I will bring my mobile studio kit with me, if we are doing studio shots.


  • If you use a pacifier this might be good to keep on hand to calm baby etc.
  • Change of clothes for mum + dad in case accidents happen.
  • White swaddles
  • You might also like to play some soothing background music during the session